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About the Book

  • Achieve greater sales and loyalty with important clients

  • Unlock keys to thriving in business with the Diamond Rule

Diamond Goldfish explores how business is a game and how to play it at the highest level. It’s a how-to guide for elevating sales and deepening client relationships. Based on the Diamond Rule (the 4.0 version of business), over 150 case studies, and the evidence-based framework of Market Force, the book provides perspective and tools for thriving in all of your business interactions.

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Discover Your Style

You are unique in many ways, but you are still predictable. When you’re under pressure, your needs become the most important thing to you, which prevents you from thriving. Following the Diamond Rule gets you in touch with your primitive survival instincts so that you can overcome them.

The Styles assessment provides you with personalized information on how to excel, even when under pressure, so you can work more effectively with others & thrive in the game of business.



I initially learned the Diamond Rule to help me work better with the people I train and coach, but it has really enhanced my personal relationships so much more than I thought possible. Turns out, I use this tool to improve my relationships with everyone important in my life.

— Susanne Goldstein , Control

If put into practice on a wide scale, this brilliant Diamond Rule concept has the potential to revolutionize how business relationships work, producing improved results for everyone involved, both emotionally and financially.

— Steve Sipress , Power

I feel like this is absolutely the linchpin for success with my clients. It helps me really understand who they are as leaders and how I can help them understand why they act a certain way or don’t get the results that they want. And, of course I use the Diamond Rule to help myself in the exact same way.

— Robin Pou , Authority

It is so impactful. Sometimes I’m almost in tears hearing the stories from team members and store management about how much it’s changed their life, because they never had a tool like this before and had no vehicle for understanding. It’s like we’ve been able to open up a new world for people.

— Mindy Geisser , Control

Do unto others or Treat others like you want to be treated is not good enough to meet consumers’ expectations anymore. The sooner we understand and embrace that, the better off we’re going to be. Particularly in this new economy we’re in today. And, the Diamond Rule provides a simple and effective means for achieving this.

— Kurt Reisig , Control

Bucketing the world into just four Styles rather than thousands of possibilities changed my life. The Diamond Rule has allowed me to convert hours of preparation into hours of prospecting. I listen to my prospects through that filter and gain insight on how they want to be treated. I mean they just tell you, it’s like cheating.

— Jeff Murtaugh , Authority

I’ve always felt there was something was different about me and knew that some people didn’t like me because of it. That was so hard, because I really want to be liked. The Diamond Rule opened up a new world for me, I’ve learned how to stop triggering people and how to make my relationships better. It’s simply magical!

— Bobbie Jo Seva , Influence

In a clever, practical, tactical, and biological (yes, biological) framework, Diamond Goldfish will help you to recognize four different types of stakeholders you meet with when selling. You’ll also discover their primary response to pressure, as well as how to best to resolve their concerns.

— Anthony Iannarino , Control

The Diamond Rule has been a true game-changer for me. I’ve been working with the material for five years and have never stopped growing with it. It’s not something that you pick up and move on from. It’s been such a career accelerator for me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it!

— Aimee Morgan , Power