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Learn to play the game of business at the highest level. When you overcome your unconscious, survival-based reactions to pressure, you can dramatically improve your performance and satisfaction. Our programs deliver the following benefits…

Reduces Friction



Market Force Styles

Learning to recognize your natural reactions under pressure is the first step to following the Diamond Rule. Which one is your Style?



Controls are strong-willed, independent-thinkers who are focused on the big picture. They seek certainty, are future-oriented and pretty sure their ideas are right. Controls don’t often have a lot of time for chit chat but they do love telling other people what to do.



Enthusiastic, talkative and stimulating, Influences are go, go, go! They keep things moving and are often the most fun person in the room, able to create relationships quickly and easily. Influences crave freedom, so they tend to come up with out-of-the-box ideas.



Authorities stand for quality and
hate wasting time and money. They are rational, disciplined and orderly with an unmatched attention to detail. They readily identify areas for improvement and always make sure that their teams are working on the right things.



Powers are diligent and
dependable, naturals at building long-lasting relationships. Their near-term focus and production mindset drives them to take on lots of tasks, making sure sure all of the work gets done. Powers are often the glue holding teams together.

Client List

Some of the best organizations in the world think of Market Force as their secret weapon. When you work with us, you’ll be in great company!

Behind Market Force



Founder of Market Force


CEO of Market Force



Market Force is effective and easy to use. It allows you to better relate to others and build productive relationships. We use it to build teams, better understand our customers’ needs, and minimize conflict.

— Jayan Nair, Senior Director, Flexport , Power

Market Force is world class material. The tools accelerate individual and team performance by turning natural strengths into powerful offers, and by helping people to design strategies that ensure successful outcomes.

— Veresh Sita, Chief Digital Information Officer, f5 Networks , Control

Because of Market Force, our leadership team has never performed at a higher level and we have been able to achieve unparalleled success by applying the tools. It’s really been a game changer for us.

— Bill Lowman, President & CEO, American Pacific Mortgage , Power

Our company worked ‘well enough’ before Market Force, but, now we are able to function much more efficiently and really enjoy our different styles. The experience has been transformative for my company.

— Nancy Brockman, Owner, Chimera Communications , Control

Market Force was not just an exercise to see how we can play better in the sandbox, but to truly team by gaining a deep understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, thereby accelerating our performance.

— James E. Hanson II, President, The Hampshire Companies , Influence

During a critical juncture, Market Force was instrumental in developing our leadership teams’ ability to create the change we needed to not only survive but thrive in a challenging situation.

— Susan Bloomfield, VP, Marketing, Stream Realty Partners , Control

Market Force has become our team’s secret weapon. It has helped us genuinely produce more with less effort – something I didn’t really believe was possible before.

— Michael Horwitz, Founder, Capital Pacific , Control

Market Force combines highly interactive exercises with individual and team reflection, which has allowed us to accelerate action to achieve results and to improve team morale and mutual appreciation.

— Katherine Steen, Director, L&D, Savers , Control

Market Force is a one of a kind resource. The tools quickly help improve group dynamics and unlike other approaches, are able to easily translate ideas into tangible action.

— Katy O’Connor, VP, Human Resources, Darigold , Influence

Of all the trainings I have taken, Market Force has had the greatest impact on my success in both sales and management. I’ve been able to build relationships and close transactions faster and more predictably.

— Jim Spain, Regional Managing Director, Colliers International , Authority

Market Force goes beyond the truths revealed in the program. I’m amazed at the immediacy with which I have been able to apply what I’ve learned, and the genuine interest the trainers have in my growth.

— Steve Mueller, Senior Vice President, Capital One Bank , Authority

Market Force provided our brokers with an effective framework for dealing with prospects, clients, partners, and each other. The training was not just conceptual theory, but provided tactics that can be used immediately.

— David Pinsel, Founder, DFP Real Estate , Control

Market Force helps you understand yourself and your unique talents, it supports you to find your path to the future, and it gives you the tools to succeed in the marketplace. Nothing compares to the power of this technology.

— Mark Andrews, President, TME Investments , Influence

I have successfully used Market Force to help accelerate the performance of many talented people and teams, to pursue strategic opportunities, and to work through some very perplexing problems along the way.

— Bob Mulhern, Senior Managing Director, Colliers International , Market

We are transforming our whole team through Market Force. We have improved our collaboration and have greatly increased output (while having some fun personal learnings!).

— David Kuhl, VP, IT Services, Alaska Airlines , Market

I was sold on Market Force immediately and have since used the material to grow several companies, to hire correctly and to place staff members in roles where their style of performance will help them thrive and succeed.

— Gina Murphy-Darling, CEO, Mrs. Green’s World , Control

Market Force is based on survival instincts, so it is more accurate than other profiling tools. It’s the best training for improving human dynamics skills. It provides common language to improve relationships and performance.

— Jaap van Rhijn, Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal , Authority

I have used Market Force to link 1000 people, within 18 different counties in Eastern Europe, of which several countries had recently been at war. We used the tools to build trust through laughter and learning.

— Hadley Dean, CEO, Echo Prime Properties , Influence

Human life is precious and we should all strive to thrive, not just survive. Market Force offers straightforward and easy to apply principles that can offer an immediate uplift to your being.

— Rutu Patel, Director, Technology Services, f5 Networks , Influence

Market Force is the best leadership workshop our management team has experienced together. The tools are highly relevant and have helped move my team markedly further down the path of greatness.

— Jeff Reisig, District Attorney, Yolo County, CA , Influence